Is Maserati’s handbrake turn best use of a Beckham?

Droga5 won Maserati way back but a big campaign’s taken a long time coming. Is this it, from Droga5 London, with that ubiquitous former footballer D. Beckham?

So we have Dave driving a big red one but taking time out from being read his list of appointments to essay a few handbrake turns under what looks like London’s Westway.

And that’s seemingly it.

Rather like adam&eve’s new effort for Aviva, it’s kept afloat by a nice film – D5 London knows that craft is the key to so much.

And the handbrake turns etc do, in a way, capture the essence of why people use Beckham. He’s still somehow one of us although he’s a multi-millionaire.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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