Aviva takes a new(ish) direction with adam&eveDDB

There’s a new brand platform everywhere you look these days – maybe it’s a product of the pandemic, marketers and agencies with time on their hands. When you next walk into an agency – assuming you ever do – there may be a sign in reception saying “brand platforms this way.”

Insurance giant Aviva and agency adam&eveDDB are up to it too, this time with “It takes Aviva,” to help you along life’s journey it seems. Now where have we come across that one before?

As ever with A&E it’s highly accomplished and may well develop. Aviva is one of the those meaningless brand names everyone seemed to be coming up with at the turn of the century. Aviva was once Norwich Union, just the kind of strangely reassuring name to suit an insurance company.

Aviva says it now wants to “power the brand,” just like another A&E client Lloyds with its equestrian delights.

Doesn’t make you want to throw something at the screen, as many financial services ads do.

I see that A&E has remained on top of the Campaign/Nielsen top 100 creative agencies list (subscription required) despite a drop in billings. This is one reason why.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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