MAA blasts from the past: Barclaycard, Carling and IKEA

Laurence Green writes today about ISBA’s new “collective trust initiative” recommending “making advertising welcome in people’s homes.” Actually this seems an update of Frank Lowe’s maxim that advertising was about “not just achieving sales success, but ensuring any advertiser entering people’s lives uninvited, left them a little better or richer for their visit.”

Even the best ads today tend to be quick cutting, crash bang wallop affairs that you might not want to invite into your home too often. If you watch daytime TV an execrable bunch will try to batter your door down.

So who would you have in your home?

This maybe (and apologies that it’s the late Dudley Moore again, searching for Tesco chickens and coming up with something else.)

This (not ‘Dambusters’ from Carling Black Label, give it a few seconds.)

And a rather more recent vintage, IKEA’s beds from Mother in 2015.

Do agencies still have the skills? They might have if our advertiser friends encouraged them a bit.


  1. I still think Dudley’s Barclay card ads are classic. On the wonderful IKEA ad, was the VO Judy Dench? Must have cost a few bob.

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