Do we really need another hectoring from the Government – this time on middle class drug use?

Headlines are funny things. Campaign has one today: Government looks to adland to reduce cocaine use.

Now we know that adland has some enthusiastic snorters but surely Boris and co. have more pressing issues on their mind than this?

What it means, of course, is that the Government is planning yet another ‘behave yourself’ campaign, this time aimed at middle class drug users. PM Johnson apparently feels strongly about this, possibly because he’s found a vice he doesn’t share.

That adherence to the straight and narrow may not be shared 100 per cent by all his colleagues – so gossips rumour. Maybe it’s a cunning plan to out them.

Such a campaign, it’s said, would be on the lines of the various anti-drink driving efforts, which have been running for decades at, over the years, immense cost.

Doubtless there’ll be many agencies dusting off their halos and hoping for a similar benediction. But haven’t we had enough of government by advertising? De-criminalising some drug use would be the logical thing to do (50 per cent of so of criminal offences are estimated to be drug-related) but that would take guts.


  1. Cocaine and cannabis are two very different things. When you use Coke, you take part in a criminal enterprise where kids are used and sent to county lines, where people are terrorized and killed both here and on the long trail from growers to sellers. When you’re a coke user you’re drenched in blood, that’s as simple as that. Legalization doesn’t come into it. Just stop using thinking it’s cool or you’re having a hard life and you need a boost.

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