French agency Herezie creates Amazon Prime Video’s first series for TikTok

Paris agency Herezie has found a way to celebrate French cultural heritage without being jingoistic, in a new series of mini-films made specifically for TikTok, made for client Amazon Prime Video.

Cités is a series of 12, 60-second episodes that were shot on an iPhone using TikTok editing tools. It tells the stories of teenagers around France, connected via TikTok, hanging out in squares and schools named after prominent French figures. Directed by French author and artist Abd Al Malik, it creates a connection between the youth and their heritage.

Last December, Prime Video launched a challenge on TikTok: #PrimeVideoCasting.In two videos, Abd Al Malik called on the platform’s users to reinterpret a classic from French heritage. A total of more than 45,000 participants, 105 million views and a dozen actors 100% selected on TikTok.

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