Lonely this Christmas? Don’t let Piers Morgan be your only friend, say Uncommon and ITV

This is heartbreaking. A print campaign by Uncommon shows the grainy reflection of a lone person watching Piers and Susanna on Good Morning Britain, alongside the words: “We shouldn’t be your only company. But for millions of people, that’s exactly what we are.”

It’s for ITV’s long-running campaign to end loneliness, which asks people to pledge their time in support of those who need it.

Uncommon’s work is running in titles including The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Times, and Metro. Charities that will benefit include the Alzheimer’s Society, Captain Tom Foundation, Grief Encounter, Once Upon a Smile, Re-Engage, The Not Forgotten and the Royal Voluntary Society.

While the sentiment is admirable, the image is almost too gloomy. No offence Piers.

MAA creative scale: 6

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