Post-lockdown management: Leagas Delaney leaves office “for forseeable future”

Independent London-based network Leagas Delaney has announced that it will be leaving its physical office in the capital and extending its remote working policy for the foreseeable future. The move follows an internal review of its current working practices and likely future needs in response to Covid-19.

Agency founder Tim Delaney (left) says: “Covid-19 has had a profound effect on the way that we all work now and how we intend to work in the future. Remote working has been hugely successful for us and a survey of our people said they would like more of this flexibility going forward.”

The news follows similar changes by leading tech companies including Google and Twitter, who have postponed a return to their offices until next year, and UK banking firm Schroders which has said it will not be returning to its offices at all.

The UK seems to have found the return to office working more difficult than most countries following a government campaign at the height of the virus to persuade people to work from home. Now it’s changed tack; urging a return to work although with the number of UK coronavirus cases rising sharply (albeit among younger people who are less at risk of serious illness) the new normal, as with Leagas Delaney, looks like being away from physical offices.

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