Johannes Leonardo revives women’s rights for MassMutual

As well as Covid-19 2020 has been all about “rights,” Black Lives Matter leading the field. Then there’s LGBT of course and all its seemingly never-ending variations.

In the US arguably the most important new “right” was the 19th amendment 100 years ago which gave women the vote. After all enfranchising half the population is pretty significant.

Johannes Leonardo has teamed with the New York Times to celebrate this on behalf of financial services company MassMutual (itself nearly 168 years old) with three contemporary female artists – Stephanie Munoz, Elina Diaz and Cymone Wilder – re-imagining campaigning posters from the time.

MassMutual says it has a “longstanding commitment to education, advancement and empowerment of women… the brand lives its core principles of diversity and inclusion through its financial guidance services, its workforce and its boardroom.”

Let’s hope so. Not something of which you could accuse the British insurance industry, which remains truly a boy’s club.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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