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Coronavirus creativity: The Mill saves the day for EA Sports

Gaming seems to be taking over much of the world – but you wouldn’t know it if you’re not a gamer, it’s a closed universe.

EA Sports claims it’s moved “from visual to visceral” with these two new offerings and, judging by The Mill’s pyrotechnics, it may have a point.

Two sports for the price of one in the “trailer,” but that’s Covid-19 for you. Originally they were supposed to be live action until the virus intervened. Directed by Carl Addy.

The Mill creative director Tom Dibb says: “When the Covid pandemic erupted, I was really worried about this project. It was a super-important launch for EA and we had been collaborating on the creative development for months. Then, in a single moment, all of that became unworkable.

“But we did what The Mill does and we got really creative, really quickly, inventing fresh ways of doing things and new combinations of artists and specialists to make something really powerful.”

Not bad for an exercise in make and mend – one of the best ads of the year.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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