VW’s new all-digital Golf rambles down ITV memory lane

Caught a bit of this flipping channels over the weekend and thought: “why’s Volkswagen filming Gary Kemp and someone or other driving down streets of terraced houses/a suburban high street?” After a minute or so I gave up and flipped, thinking this can’t be by adam&eve surely.

Actually its an ad break takeover with ITV – ‘A Drive down ITV Lane’ – plugging the “new all-digital Golf 8” and various ITV programmes. So the terraced houses are Coronation Street and the suburban high street is Brentwood in Essex – or TOWIE’s (The Only Way is Essex) “famous” high street. With an Essex girl who also appears to be well-known. Then there’s a bit of ‘I’m a Celeb’ where Gary finds some unwelcome “critters.”

From Omnicom Media Group’s Drum, the content part of media agency PHD.

It’s reminiscent of ITV’s stuff for Suzuki with Ant & Dec, which I didn’t watch either.

ITV director of sales & partnerships Mark Trinder says: “Weaving the new Volkswagen Golf, Martin and Roman Kemp and iconic ITV programme brands together has resulted in an engaging, innovative and powerful campaign.”

Each to their own I suppose. And ITV has a lot of airtime on its hands.

Can’t help feeling that a proper ad campaign would have been a better bet for VW’s new mobile-on-wheels Golf. Maybe a father and son combo overcomes social distancing.

MAA creative scale: 3.


  1. First para, third line, second word, remove ‘Gary’, insert ‘Martin‘ (no quotes). Then it’s a wrap and good to go…

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