More fun for Burger King in France, no fun at all at Rosapark

Burger King is reopening in France so here’s Burger Klean, a spoof airline safety ad from the brilliant Buzzman.

Burger King and David Miami have also landed The One Show’s top creative gong for ‘Moldy Whoppoer.‘ Pretty revolting I’d say but at least BK gives anything a whirl.

Buzzman is in the Havas stable as is another good agency Rosapark but that one finds itself amid a Twitter storm (when a storm’s an everyday event does it cease to be a storm?) in the wake of Black Lives Matter. Rosa Park was the black lady who refused to move to the back of the bus in segregated America. and the founders/management of Rosapark (founded eight years ago) are white men.

They say they’re “rethinking” the name. But isn’t this a bit “angels dancing on a pinhead?” Rosapark, presumably, was a nod to a brave and admirable lady. Can’t you do that if you’re white?

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