Anxious WFH adland turns to tippling

A Fishbowl US survey, reported in Agency Spy, shows that advertising and marketing people lead the field when it comes to drinking at home while at “work” in these WFH days – an impressive 49.14%. For once lawyers are beaten into second place on 48.65%.

In adland women beat men by 50.44% to 47.55% – a veritable clinking glass ceiling.

By jobs, senior senior directors led with 63.89%, followed by account manager (63.64%), designer (57.14%), creative director (56.52%) and senior vice president (54.84%). The bottom five were account executive (36.11%), associate director (40%), vice president (40.74%), project manager (43.75%) and director (44.19%).

Makes a change from reading about layoffs (Agency Spy features Huge, R/GA (both Interpublic) and Johannes Leonardo (WPP) today. The two phenomena are possibly related.

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