Freelance Reilly finally gets his due for Guinness social “viral” success

Guinness is never one to let a topical opportunity – however grim – slip and it scored a social media success with this image of a stay-at-home Guinness.

Only it wasn’t “official” Guinness at all, it’s the creation of freelance Luke O’Reilly for One Minute Briefs, a “bank of creativity” to promote brands and causes.

As it went viral Reilly wasn’t credited (although now, of course, he is.)

He told Adweek: “My mother was going crazy: ‘You need to get the credit for this!’ As I said to her, as long as the message was getting reinforced, I was happy. It didn’t get to me as much as I thought it might. Maybe I knew in my heart people would find out I did it anyway.”

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