Hawaiian Jason Momoa discovers his inner Irish for Guinness

It’s St Patrick’s Day on March 17 so we’d better be prepared for an outbreak of Oirishness, much of it sponsored by Ireland’s most famous brew.

Here’s an early contender, Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa, who insists on a supply of the dark stuff on set it seems, discovering he’s of Irish extraction (not very much but every little helps as they say.)

US presidents always like to claim some Irish of course although, back in the day, JFK faced issues as a Catholic of Irish descent. There hasn’t been a Catholic president since.

Anyway Jason, now signed up by Guinness, delivers.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

PS. There are also two young women in the street (in New Zealand) opening cans of Guinness. This bit will doubtless disappear from cut-down TV version.

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