A revolting ‘moldy’ Whopper is hero of new Burger King ‘no preservatives’ campaign

Burger King isn’t afraid to frighten the horses in its advertising but here it’s taking the risk of putting off some customers for ever.

A new campaign, ‘Moldy Whopper, uses time-lapse photography to show how its preservative-free Whopper deteriorates over 34 days. To show it’s free of preservatives of course – the hard way.

A combined effort from Sweden’s Ingo, David Miami and Publicis it seems but maybe that’s Burger King’s new way of crediting all its roster agencies. Three years in the making apparently.

MAA creative scale: 8.5 (or, conversely, yuck.)

One Comment

  1. People remember imagery more than words, so maybe this reinforces the idea that burger king burgers are weird and mouldy. Bravo.

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