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Are you 40-plus? Now there’s an awards show just for you

It’s an industry obsessed by youth, so you’ve done pretty well if you’ve held on to a job in advertising past the age of 40. Now there’s a new awards show, 40 Over Forty, that offers the opportunity to admit publicly that you are not a millennial — and to celebrate the value of experience over the potential of youth.

According to the IPA’s most recent census, the average age of employees in advertising is 34, and only 6% of staff in member agencies are over 50, compared to 31% of the UK workforce. The new awards are an antidote to all the “30 under 30” lists and a chance to recognise what the over 40s bring to the industry “because of their age, not despite it.”

The platform is being launched by three women: Anna Dalziel, director of brand, UK and global at Momentum Worldwide; Anna Scholes, senior marketing and communications manager at Momentum Worldwide; and PR consultant Charlotte Read.

Dalziel said; “There hasn’t been anywhere to celebrate professional success and achievements beyond the age of 30 until today. That has to change. Whilst we absolutely want to highlight youth in our industry, it’s time to celebrate the expert talent too. This is not an award, this is the start of a movement.”

All nominations will be shared publicly on the site, and a top 40 list will be compiled after a public vote at the end of the year.

One Comment

  1. Huzzah!! Just cos we’re getting on it doesn’t mean we can’t get it on… sorry, I realise that just writing this comment makes me old and so uncool..

    Jest aside, this is a great initiative and to be heartily applauded.

    Very happy to be part of this movement, so shout if you need anything doing.

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