Renault and Publicis celebrate 30 years of Clio with same sex kisses

Renault Clio ads are perhaps more famous than the car deserves, ‘Papa and Nicole’ (borrowing its theme from a porn film, or so legend has it) still resonates and then there was ‘Va Va Voom’ of course.

Anyway the Clio is 30 years old so it’s being celebrated by Publicis.Poke (which seems to be an amalgam of Publicis in London and some other bits) in an intriguing campaign, featuring same sex lovers. As with most in-ad relationships these days they have their ups and downs but get there in the end.

Renault has essayed what were then called lesbian kisses in the past, A Twingo ad was banned in some localities including by Mediaset’s Silvio Berlusconi, that upstanding pillar of virtue.

This is all very ‘woke’ of course but woke that works.

MAA creative scale: 8.

One Comment

  1. “This is all very ‘woke’ of course but woke that works.”

    Really? Because I thought it was nausating agenda pushing crap that convinced me to never go near Renault.

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