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Global advertisers split over “digital transformation” says new WFA report

Business “transformation” is the buzz phrase de nos jours as companies large and small wrestle with a digital economy – and the uncomfortable realisation that people don’t seem to be buying any more just because the internet supposedly makes it easier for the them.

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), which represents most big multinationals, has been looking at this* and finds that while 42 per cent of those questioned now work in “cross-functional” teams (as opposed to old-style hierarchies) about the same number (43 per cent) are still taking the first steps in deploying their digital strategies (which may mean they haven’t really got one.)

The study also finds that efforts to create truly integrated campaigns are still a work in progress for many and that more integrated teams may be the answer. Interestingly half of respondents said they sometimes had agency teams working directly with them.

WFA CEO Stephan Loerke says: “Digital roles within many organisations should have been made redundant by now and while they will remain a necessity for some, the goal for the majority should be moving to integration of these skills.

“The ongoing transformation of organisations and required skills-sets is, for good reason, a huge priority area for our industry’s marketing leaders.”

*Designing for Integration: Global Marketing Communications Organisation Research was produced by the WFA and consultants OxfordSM and is based on responses from more than 20 multinational companies with a total global ad spend of $32 billion.

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