Matt Williams of MSQ Partners: my Top Tips for Cannes

Matt Williams is head of content at MSQ Partners.

Top Tips for Cannes

Speaking as someone who has won precisely one football accumulator in 12 years, I’d hate to think that anyone would take my annual Cannes picks seriously. So I’m framing the below as the campaigns I want to win. A convenient caveat in case the jury doesn’t buy into them, the case study the agency produces turns out to be shit, or I’ve mucked up my dates and the work isn’t eligible to win either way.

New York Public Library – Insta Novels
Any campaign that gets more people reading is good with me. And when they’re designed as beautifully as this, using a platform as intelligently as this, it’s a dream.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Unsame
That’s libraries done. Next up: museums. And this campaign by Leo Burnett Toronto. I’m not always the biggest fan of ‘meta’ advertising, but the tone of this campaign is wonderful. Copywriting at its best.

Columbia Journalism Review – Real journalism matters
In a world of fake news, crap blogs and social media angst, good quality journalism is hugely important. This campaign showcases that in a smart, simple and topical way.

Mothercare – Body Proud Mums
I’m aware of the snide comments from the industry when this launched – yes, it is similar to Dove’s work. Maybe that’ll stop it winning big. I’d hate that to be the case. It’s powerful, striking, and most importantly of all, was brilliantly received by the real people it was targeting.

Nike – Dream Crazy
OK, so this one is definitely going to win. And so it should. I make no apologies for picking it. Quite simply the most powerful campaign of the last few years, created by one of the only brands who could legitimately run it. I don’t think Nike has ever been named Cannes’ Creative Marketer of the Year. It must be soon.

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