Wallenberg Swedish business dynasty eyes WPP’s Kantar

The Telegraph reckons that Swedish business dynasty the Wallenbergs are one of the likely bidders for WPP’s Kantar, some or all of which is up for auction for an estimated £3bn.

The Wallengergs are the biggest investor in the Swedish stock market with holdings estimated at £250bn. As, essentially, a family-owned investment trust they may be prepared to let WPP retain a stake in Kantar, important as other ad holding companies including Publicis and interpublic add to their data assets.

The Wallenbergs have played a big part in Swedish and European politics. Swedish diplomat Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg (left) is credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary from the Holocaust in World War II. He disappeared after the war, believed to be held captive in Russia.

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