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TBWA London and New York win global fintech launch from Thomson Reuters and Blackstone

TBWA London and its sister shop in New York have won the global launch of Refinitiv, the new fintech company formed by a $20 million deal between Thomson Reuters and private equity fund Blackstone.

Refinitiv’s launch campaign centres around the idea that “Data is Just the Beginning.” The work will be seen in more than 100 markets, concentrated on the major global financial hubs including London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney.

The first ads will be up by the end of the month, targeting outdoor media as well as print partnerships with The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and New York Times.

Fintech isn’t necessarily glamorous, but it’s global and these faceless companies are going to be in need of some proper brand building. Engine won another business in the same sector, Saxo, recently.

Refinitiv CMO, Eileen Lynch, joined from Thomson Reuters. She was previously at Merrill Lynch and before that, worked for nearly eight years at Bozell Advertising in New York.

She said: “This is an exciting time for us as we launch a new company, building on our history and the trust our customers have in us, as well as our new brand foundation, and we are looking forward to sharing our story with the marketplace. We partnered with TBWA to best articulate the Refinitiv brand because of their success at launching some of the most iconic brand platforms over time. With the future of financial markets ever evolving, ‘Data is Just the Beginning’ reflects the potential we can achieve with our customers in a complex world.”

TBWA London’s head of international clients, Brian Swords, said: “It’s not often in your career that you have the opportunity to launch a new brand on such a vast global scale. So this has been an incredibly exciting new client for TBWA London.”

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