Intermarché’s merry widower finds new reasons to eat well

French supermarket Intermarché and Paris agency Romance have developed a successful formula that uses emotional storytelling to deliver relevant messages about eating well.

To celebrate the store’s 50th birthday, this latest ad features a widower who decides to bin the microwave meals and recreate one of his wife’s signature dishes, creating a Proustian rush of memory in the process. There’s a dollop of French melancholy, but our hero plays in a band and has lots of friends and a loving family, so it’s warm and fuzzy too.

It’s the third film in the series: the first showed a customer trying to woo the store cashier by impressing her with his purchases, while the second featured a young girl trying to eat healthily so she could grow tall enough to reach the snack cupboard.

Vincent Bronsard, strategic and operational marketing manager of Intermarché, said: “In a market where all our competitors have repositioned themselves, it’s imperative that we stay one step ahead by deploying our fight for “better food” everywhere. The year we turned 50 was the perfect opportunity to showcase a generation that grew up with the brand.”

MAA creative scale: 8

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