Atomic finds new political angles for i newspaper

The i newspaper is still with us following the implosion of previous owner Johnson Press, somewhat controversially as it’s now owned by a consortium of Johnson’s creditors in the shape of JPI Media.

JPI is running a new print campaign from lively agency Atomic ‘See Every Angle,’ featuring a number of famous faces. The campaign uses three different colours to represent different viewpoints and three alternative descriptions of their character. The idea being that readers should make up their own minds rather than be influenced by an opinion in newspaper editorial.

Here’s our current “leader.”

Here’s one of her main rivals (yikes.)

You know who this is.

There’s also Trump and Corbyn.

JPI Media publishing director Richard Thomson says: “The ‘See Every Angle’ campaign reflects the values that drive us editorially. The impartiality of the i comes through in a bold, thought-provoking way designed to engage audiences and promote further thought and discussion.

We have an audience of ‘free thinkers’ – open-minded, intelligent readers who want unbiased information to help them decide for themselves what to think. In the current news climate, presenting the facts is more important than ever.”

The i is all that’s left of famous 1980s newspaper the Independent, so should be preserved.

Atomic’s campaign will run on JPI’s regional news network, London Out of Home , Facebook, Instagram and Twitter courtesy of media agency the7stars.

It’s properly irreverent, thought-provoking and fun, what newspaper advertising should be.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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