Harry Kane fails to score for Harry’s and mental health

Men’s grooming has become a right old business this year with Gillette trying to redefine masculinity (to mixed effect) and now German razors-by-mail firm Harry’s is adding its two-pennorth with England football captain Harry Kane (a Harry’s user presumably) telling us he’s not afraid – either.

Afraid of what isn’t entirely clear in this effort from Brothers and Sisters but the point seems to self esteem.

In literary criticism there used to be something called an objective correlative, defined as “the artistic and literary technique of representing or evoking a particular emotion by means of symbols which become indicative of that emotion and are associated with it.”

A common technique in ads, obviously.

Does it work for mental issues with the estimable Mr Kane perched precariously on a crossbar at a training ground in Chingford? Er, no – the lads in the dressing room will have a right laugh at this.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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