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Click and collect: Spanish agency Shackleton reinvents the agency as an e-commerce platform

Spanish agency Shackleton, whose clients include Uber, Coty, Campari, Aperol and Sony Pictures, is launching an agency that services clients via an e-commerce platform.

This tech-driven approach to global expansion is a far cry from the Mad Men days of client-schmoozing and personal service. It also makes a change from selling out to a global marcoms group as a way to build an international presence.

Just like any online transaction, with Shackleton’s e-agency, you make your choices and press return. The new platform asks you to register, complete an advertising brief, and then sign a virtual contract. You can even make payments via PayPal, and don’t forget to rate your experience at the end.

Pablo Alzugaray, president and CEO of Shackleton, said: “Why not? It’s clear that the internet has gone beyond communications and embraced transactions. In addition, it’s fantastic when a notification suddenly pops up that starts off a job commissioned by someone in Sydney, Bariloche or Seattle, and everything can proceed in a simple and functional manner for both parties.”

David Ballester, creative director and director of digital innovation, said: “We wanted to design the simplest and most efficient website possible. And there came a point in the process where we realised that being truly efficient goes beyond the design. In the present day, on our website you can carry out a project with us from start to finish in a few steps and without leaving the site. Because we believe that seeing our work should be as simple as contracting it.”

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