Bulb energy launches first TV campaign with Anomaly

The energy market seems to be getting genuinely competitive at last, with a few medium sized suppliers limbering up to rival the “big six.”

You can’t take on the likes of British Gas and npower without advertising, which is why Bulb has teamed up with Anomaly London, just as Ovo did recently with Uncommon.

Bulb’s first ad campaign starts with the company’s trademark bright pink colouring and adds some playful, animated characters – talking unicorns, a fan, and a giant kelp – to deliver the message that Bulb is fast-growing, environmentally friendly, and comes highly recommended by its customers.

More than five million households switched suppliers in 2018, and Bulb, according to The Guardian, added 700,000 customers last year, making it one of three serious challengers in the market alongside Ovo and First Utility.

Oli Beale, ECD and partner at Anomaly, said: “I hope these don’t feel like energy adverts, because A. Bulb aren’t like the other energy companies. And B. Energy adverts are generally crap. We are all completely in love with Bulb here at Anomaly and I think that shows in the work.”

Bulb is set to hit a million customers in the next few months; this campaign is funny and memorable enough to help smooth the way. Beale is right and the big suppliers need to up their advertising game.

MAA creative scale: 7 (it’s worth watching all three)

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