OVO rattles the cages of energy giants in Nils Leonard debut

Bristol-based energy supplier OVO Energy, which majors on renewable energy, is launching its biggest campaign to date -‘Power your life differently’ – promoting its 100 per cent renewable option.

It’s also the first major effort from Uncommon Creative Studio, the new venture from former Grey London creative supremo Nils Leonard.

OVO Energy brand director Sarah Keegan says: “At OVO Energy we’ve always focused on creating the energy system of the future – one that puts people and the planet first. And that future is going to be defined by renewable energy. This thought-provoking campaign is just the start of OVO Energy empowering our customers to power their lives differently.

“By choosing to join us or add renewable electricity to their energy plan, we want to raise awareness that together we can all start to be part of the long-term solution. The more we come together, the bigger change we’ll see in powering our lives without ruining the planet.”

Uncommon CCO Leonard says: “This campaign is a bold, optimistic and positive encapsulation of what OVO Energy is all about. Being environmentally conscious isn’t fringe anymore. Being conscious is the smart choice, and one we can make in every moment of our lives; we wanted everyone who sees the ads to recognise they have the power to make a change. The creative treatment is provocative and the metal soundtrack (from Slayer) sets the tone for a commanding and unconventional film from a company in the energy sector. ”

Doubtless there’ll be complaints from bigger rivals saying this implies that all OVO’s products are 100 per cent renewable but causing a stir is clearly an aim. With mainstream TV on the media schedule it should certainly put OVO on the map.

Leonard likes a good cause and this is a good start.

MAA creative scale; 7.5.

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