Sainsbury’s gets in first for Halloween but why do we hear more about deals than the stores?

Sainsbury’s is getting its Halloween retaliation in first in the UK with a lively effort from Wieden+Kennedy featuring the work of some of film director Wes Anderson’s star animators.

Haven’t seem much from Sainsbury’s recently, maybe it’s been too busy trying to merge with Asda (looking unlikely now) and blending in Argos (which looks like a good deal). Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe, most famous for being caught singing “we’re in the money” on announcing the putative Asda deal, should maybe concentrate a bit more on his stores, which are looking somewhat under-staffed and losing share. You can always tell when a supermarket is struggling, the shelves are under-populated and the queues at the tills are longer.

Sainsbury’s could do with a grocer with flair like former boss Justin King to get back on track. And maybe find more use for its agency.

This one? Does the job, if we must have Halloween.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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  1. When I was a kid, back in the Stone Age, Halloween didn’t exist, we did Guy Fawkes and burnt shit on a bonfire on the 5th. What’s next for Britain… The 4th of July?

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