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Talon Outdoor: the revolutionary new role for automation in out of home media planning

The ‘Smarter as Standard’ 3-part video series focuses on the launch of Talon’s ‘Smarter as Standard’ manifesto, the role of automation in smarter planning in OOH, and the use of data in smarter planning in OOH.

Back in March we launched our manifesto outlining our point-of-view on the future of OOH – road mapping how we were going to integrate technology-led change across the business. We called this our ‘Smarter as Standard’ manifesto – a philosophy to embrace tech and shift toward more data-driven campaign planning, automation and outcome-based measurement.

Our latest video, the second part in the series, looks at why automation has become such an important focus for our business, how it is going to revolutionise OOH planning, and the steps we are taking to embed automated planning within the agency.

To address the need for automation, we are now in the process of designing, testing and developing our proprietary tech platforms to deliver on dynamic buying – including our automated platform for OOH, Plato.

Plato, Talon’s Platform for Automated Transactions in OOH, provides real-time market intelligence on all classic and digital OOH inventory, allows us to negotiate pricing and automatically book inventory. This fully replaces manual campaign planning and buying processes within the business, as well as activating a range of downstream campaign delivery processes.

View our latest video, explaining the platform here.

Talon Outdoor is a truly independent Out of Home media specialist and a significant player in the Out of Home agency sector with a focus on delivering smarter, creative, technology-led and integrated OOH communications.

For further information about Talon Outdoor, please see Talon Outdoor or contact Nick Mawditt at [email protected] or Tom Belcher, marketing manager, at [email protected].

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