World Cup: Adidas edges Nike (and Spotify) in brand battle

The recent World Cup was, by most people’s estimates, a success and that was certainly the case for the brands scoring highly in digital agency DMS’ round-up here. Adidas will be pleased that it saw off Nike – just – after paying all that money to FIFA. What was Spotify doing in third?

The next challenge, of course, is Qatar in 2022, where summer temperatures may hit 50C. Expect lobbying to move the tournament to winter which will be opposed by the big European Champions League clubs. How much will it cost Qatar to bring them round? €100m each, €200m?

Many thought Russia would be a disaster but it wasn’t even though some may see it as the first totalitarian World Cup. Where were all those fabled Russian football hooligans? One theory is that over a thousand of them were rounded up before the tournament, placed under house arrest and told of the dire consequences if they tried to escape.

Qatar’s unique challenges notwithstanding, sport’s biggest event is only going to get bigger, for brands too.

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