Wieden+Kennedy’s Neil Christie: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

I have no idea what the Cannes juries will vote for. But I hope it will be focused on significant campaigns for mainstream brands rather than one-off stunts for worthy causes. The more that awards are handed out for work that’s only seen by juries, the more Cannes risks losing relevance to real life. (I can’t believe that I just typed the words ‘Cannes’ and ‘relevance to real life’ in the same sentence.)

So, will any of these things win big? I don’t know, but I liked them.

My favourite recent ‘big telly’ spot is this one for Alexa:

Great use of celebs and even a nice performance from Jeff Bezos. This is how to do the star-studded blockbuster and raise a smile.

This campaign for LA-based ‘any time, any place’ delivery service Postmates by 180 is smart, striking and simple. I like the thought ‘We get it.’

Do movie trailers count? I thought this was awesome. The film didn’t quite live up to it.

And finally, here’s one that’s more of a prediction than a personal favourite. Tide’s smart Super Bowl campaign by Saatchi New York suggests that every ad in the break is, in fact, a Tide ad. This one seems to be picking up a bit of momentum amongst many of the creative community. It will be interesting to see if it wins big at Cannes, since this is supposed to be the year that Publicis agencies are skipping the festival.

Neil Christie is COO of Wieden+Kennedy.

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  1. Neil… I have to admit you are dead on with the Tide ad. Funny, original, creative… (I can’t believe that I just typed the words ‘creative’ and ‘Tide in the same sentence.) Now, do everyone a favor and take “Dilly – Dilly” behind the bicycle shed and kill it…

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