Paul Simons: a more modest Cannes this year – perhaps

The various comments regarding the profligacy of Cannes declining seemed far-fetched from our short car journey yesterday evening. We had taken our dogs for a run on the beach at Port Gallice, in the bay next to the large bay of Cannes.

Our route home is the coast road on the edge of Cap d’Antibes which hugs the beautiful bay of Golfe-Juan (the Abramovich floating gin palace Eclipse was anchored off shore). On the way along this stunning route there are various parking spots and we began to notice numerous black Mercedes parked up with the drivers enjoying the sunset and warm temperature.

As we progressed the volume of black limos increased as we approached the famous Eden Roc bar and restaurant, part of the equally famous Hotel du Cap. At the said venue the road was semi-blocked with cars, hotel security with their walkie-talkies and more limos parked along the road for some distance. Eden Roc has a big car park in the grounds which presumably was full.

It was a huge event with ID on some cars such as Cannes 2018, or CNN, so guessing wildly a €300-500 a head evening out? The entry level Whispering Angel rose is around €100 a bottle. I hosted a lunch for a group of Campaign journalists there some years ago and that was €1000; I’d say double it today.

We drove slowly past the line of cars, some still with passengers waiting to be granted entry, in our Land Rover Defender with two hairy dogs in the back checking out the scene. I did look for a familiar face but didn’t see anyone I recognised.

Anyway we were back home in minutes and had our salad and a bottle of chilled white €6.50 from our local Monoprix in Antibes.

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