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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: WPP’s Q2 results are the new normal

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David look at the second quarter results published by the big marketing services groups over the summer and consider the causes and implications of the poor performance.

They ask if the downturn is a blip or the new normal and wonder if the days of holding company dominance and stellar growth rates over. Tom and David look at how the future could look and the situation might develop

In a new section on #MediaSnack, they consider who’s had a Good Week and who’s had a bad week. Firstly, they celebrate the launch of GroupM’s new agency, the merger of MEC and Maxus, called WaveMaker.

Then they commiserate with the “crappy media supply chain” as P&G’s Marc Pritchard gives an update on his five-point media transparency action plan and heads to dmexco to share the progress the company has made and to issue a rallying cry to the stragglers to shape up or miss out on P&G’s vast media investment.

Finally, they note that Bell Pottinger, once one of the world’s most powerful PR brands, has ruined its own reputation and faces meltdown this week. It’s had a very bad week indeed.

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