Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: why are technology pitches so bad?

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David vent a little about the consistently underwhelming experience of seeing companies – both technology and agency – try and pitch technology solutions to marketers.

As technology is an increasingly important part of the marketing scene, Tom and David are seeing increasing numbers of tech pitches. Sadly, all too many of them focus on the detail of how the tech is claimed to be better than everyone else’s.

Tom and David make three simple recommendations to help any company to improve the way they sell technology ideas:

1. Focus 100% on the client benefit from the start
2. Don’t forget to be a human. People still buy people even if they are selling technology.
3. Care about the client’s business.

These may sound obvious but it’s amazing how many pitches don’t feature any of these basic points.

Question of the Day: What type of business has delivered the worst technology sales pitch you’ve seen this year?

We are taking a little summer break from #MediaSnack and we will be back in September with a new office and a new format, have a good August.

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