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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: why advertisers really need more training

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David discuss training, knowledge and skills in media. As part of their review of the implications of the 2016 ANA Media Transparency Report, they highlight one of its key recommendations: the need for advertisers to plug key gaps in media knowledge.

Tom and David discuss the types of training they have been delivering to major advertisers and members of the major advertising trade bodies.

They reveal that they’ve seen some good progress in this area, especially amongst procurement stakeholders keen to better understand the processes around media, where there are opportunities for improvement and particularly the technical language and concepts of media.

Tom reveals that he’s just completed his own training programme, the Marketing MBA run by Professor Mark Ritson and highlights that despite two decades in media, he still learnt a lot about strategic marketing.

The course, he argues, highlights a big gap across the industry – agencies as well – that many of those working in the more executional (and more modern) disciplines like social and programmatic often lack a basic understanding of strategic marketing principles that might help them better understand client goals.

ID Comms published a report into Global Media Training last year, which can be downloaded here.

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