Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: can MENA lead media’s data revolution?

On this week’s #mediasnack Tom and David discuss the media challenges and solutions of the Middle East.

David was fresh from speaking at the Festival of Media MENA on global best practice in pitches and reflects on both his experience of working in the region as well as the latest developments.

MENA has long had media metrics and transparency challenges but David was excited about the way that some brands seemed to have found new ways to circumvent these issues. The result, he argues is a region that hasn’t changed much in some ways but is also leapfrogging the rest of the world in others.

This is a region where GDP is growing at twice the rate of Western Europe and so is attracting huge attention from big global brand owners. There is also huge ambition.

He argues that while issues around offline measurement and transparency are deep-seated, data is providing some brands with the ability to leapfrog that stumbling block. And because they don’t have media metrics to fall back on they may come up with a richer solution.

Using media as a lever for growth that is accountable for business outcomes is a challenge for the region but there were examples at the Festival of Media of companies in telecoms and tourism sectors who were driving everything through data.

Brand owners used to treat the complexity of MENA as a reason not to engage but the opportunity is such that few now take that attitude.

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