Heineken sets out to make us bond over a beer in new Publicis campaign

Heineken describes its new film from Publicis London, ‘Worlds Apart,’ as an “experiment.” Well it wouldn’t be an ad these days would it?

In it four people reveal and discuss their different world views (feminism, climate change, LGBT rights) only to decide to agree, sort of, over a beer.

You might see it as a modish version version of ‘Heineken reaches the parts other beers can’t reach.’ Or not – it lacks a certain jeu d’esprit.

Unlike some of these efforts – such as men sobbing their socks off for Lynx – it kind of hangs together. It matches Heineken’s ‘Open Your World.’

But only just. Suppose it might do Heineken some good in PR terms.

But advertising’s heading some strange directions these days.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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One comment

  1. If only settling disagreements were that easy. I’d buy everyone a bloody beer.