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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: the week that changed media forever

In this week’s #MediaSnack, Tom Denford and David Indo reflect on last week’s ANA Media Conference in Orlando. They talk about discussions around media pitches, the impact of P&G’s Marc Pritchard’s presentation and the wider changes that it is driving.

First, Tom was part of a panel that discussed media reviews. Also featured were Kathleen Brookbanks, COO at Hearts&Science and Kelly Colbert, VP Social media at US Banks.

For him the most interesting questions were around agency evaluation. These indicated that brands are moving away from purely looking at the commercial elements, but also testing agency capabilities and cultural fit.

Next, Tom talks about the keynote from Marc Pritchard. It was very quick, almost impatient, as if he was briefing the attendees, rather than delivering a speech.

Essentially his message was that we’re all in this together and everyone needs to take action. Don’t be put off by “head fakes” – his sporting analogy for rubbish excuses. For more details of Marc’s keynote, read here.
The audience of US marketers were clearly enthused by the presentation and when attendees were later asked if they were going to take action, all the advertisers raised their hands.

Pritchard’s pressure is clearly starting to have an impact but there was also a note of caution from the CEO of the MRC. Despite Google and Facebook saying they are open for audit, the process of accreditation could take some time. In short, it is too early to get excited.

Finally, Tom and David announce their next #MediaChange webinar on March 15 – 3PM GMT 11AM ET. The webinar will discuss the results of ID Comms’ 2017 Global Media Thinking survey which highlights the perceived failures of advertisers take a lead on media and of agencies to offer media neutral planning.

Sign up here for the webinar.

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