Lime-A-Rita shocker is by the girls for the girls

Wanna know why there’s a shortage of female creative directors? Well FCB Chicago (enjoying an upturn it has to be noted) put together an all-female creative and account team for this new campaign for AB InBev’s Lime-A-Rita. Showing what women do when left to their own devices apparently.

Er, back to the drawing board girls. Your secrets are out, sadly.

A score? We’ll take the gentlemanly option in this case.

PS. Judging by some of its recent efforts Watching an AB InBev reel would be the ad equivalent of waterboarding.

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  1. And, in the history of advertising how many average ads have been made by all male teams?

  2. You’re absolutely right Jane but this one is quite funny

  3. Wow, this is a pretty nasty little article. And Jane is right!

  4. It’s really funny.