W+K and Bud Light really have a bad case of the blues

Here’s another Super Bowl Bud Light ad from Wieden+Kennedy, this time featuring the “original party animal” Spuds Mackenzie, a bulldog who appeared for the brand back in the 1980s courtesy of DDB.

Wieden+Kennedy has resurrected him from doggy heaven to help the reluctant ‘Brian’ to get into the swing of things; his entry ticket being a case of the horrible-looking fluorescent Bud Light bottles.

Has so much fruitless ingenuity – from a fine agency at that – ever been showered on a brand?

Those bottles guys, you’ve got no chance (never mind the taste).

MAA creative scale: 2.

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  1. As I say on AdScam, apparently the ghostly Spuds is a bitch – Not being rude here, but Spuds is now trans-gender. And looking at the way the poor fucker’s legs are dangling in the breeze, it was obviously hung from Kirby Wires for the shoot. Does the ASPCA know about this? Why doesn’t W+K Portland close down and just put everything into W+K London. Neil… Send the check to my Zurich account. Cheers/George

  2. Bud Light needs to stay in USA.

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