CHI bounds into action for same day Argos

Will there still be an Argos as we know it in a year’s time? One agency hoping there will be is CHI which handles the hitherto big-spending hybrid retailer, now owned by Sainsbury’s.

Interestingly, while Sainsbury’s sales by value are dropping (even though it says it sold more stuff) Argos had a good summer with sales up by 2.3 per cent. So it seems as though it may have a life on the high street despite some gloomy prognostications. Sainsbury’s might do well to leave it alone, given it has its own problems.

One thing we can expect to see more of is Sainsbury’s/Argos challenging the mighty Amazon in same day deliveries and that’s the theme of CHI’s new Argos campaign, ‘Bounding’ featuring Argos acrobats.

Is CHI becoming the Allen Brady and Marsh de nos jours? But it’s catchy and quite good fun.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

As for Sainsbury’s /Argos challenging the mighty Jeff Bezos and his seemingly endlessly deep pockets..that’s maybe the biggest challenge now in UK retailing. But maybe someone’s got to do it before Amazon really does take over the world.

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