T&Pm back with new recipe for Argos (sort of)

Argos is one of those UK businesses you’re rather surprised to be still here in the age of ‘Everything Amazon.’ but it’s owned by Sainsbury’s, which seems to be doing pretty well financially and it’s back with its two animated characters and a spin on celebrity cheffing from T&Pm (The&Partnership as was, now including media.)

The point being that Argos can kit you out with fancy, stylish stuff as well as cheaper deals.

Argos Spring 2024 from T&Pm on Vimeo.

Group CDs Matt Moreland and Chris Clarke say: “At the heart of this campaign is a lovely human truth – great products can give you ideas above your station. So when it came to fancy cookware making somebody feel like a Michelin star chef, who better than Trev to create this culinary masterpiece? We, like Trev, are very pleased with the end result. Connie less so. AirCastle (director for Smuggler) did a great job. It turned out much better than Trev’s meal.”

Trev and Connie are quite winning characters although you feel Argos needs to spend rather more above the line if they’re really going to have the desired impact.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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