WCRS offers rose-tinted highlights for new RAF recruitment drive

The Royal Air Foce is out recruiting and its new online campaign from WCRS tells us “It’s Like No Ordinary Job.” It features serving personnel and reservists with some of their RAF highlights.

Here’s Amanda who seems to be having a high old time.

And Ellie, who seems to be rolling her sleeves up mostly – albeit with the Red Arrows aerobatics team as opposed to shooting down MiGs.

This one’s called Odin, who doesn’t actually seem to appear anywhere unless we’re missing a nasty old Norse god.

No doubt it isn’t like any old job. And this is all nicely shot and so on.

But more of the whole story – including the military point of the exercise – wouldn’t go amiss.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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  1. Remind me why taxpayers pay for these ads, let alone the hi-jinks they show?