Late Rooms gets the Mother tabloid treatment

You never quite know what you’re going to get from Mother: it can do elegant and lovely as in IKEA’s celebrated ‘Beds’ commercial or raucous tabloid with a twist, as in And much else besides, no doubt.

Here it’s in tabloid mode for’s summer sale, with a 30 per cent off character crashing other people’s rooms.

Here’s ‘Stag’:

And ‘Business’: director of marketing Georgina Crosswell says: “Whilst we set a clear brief that these adverts needed to make the sale message the unashamed hero of the campaign and provoke a direct response from viewers, we were also extremely conscious that they needed to capture the distinctive and playful tone that we’ve created for the brand. There was no room for a stuffy, dry sale ad.

“Our fun loving character (we’ve christened him Colin) is the life and soul of the party, lighting up the hotel rooms he crashes into whilst perfectly communicating our clear sale message for viewers.”

Think ‘Business’ is better but I’ve a thing at the moment about ads featuring ‘lads,’ which meant I was perhaps unduly harsh on CHI’s recent effort for Sun Bets. There are so many of these I’m just fed up with them. Perhaps we should broaden the diversity debate to point out that young men don’t have to be depicted as idiots.

But the campaign is brisk, to the point and Motherish.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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