Rob Fletcher of Isobel picks his Desert Island Ads

Rob Fletcher is creative partner at independent London agency Isobel. He began his career as an art director at the legendary Gold Greenlees Trott, aged 18. He has gone on to win numerous awards and serve on many creative juries. Humour is a constant in his and the agency’s work, as it is in the examples below. Isobel’s current clients include Bordeaux Wines, Danepak, Maoam, Hammerson, Prezzo, Kelly’s Ice cream, David Lloyd and Savills.


Desert Island Ads

I went to school in Sheffield in the 80s, and you had to either be a fighter or a comedian to survive.

So here I am, sitting on the desert island, thinking of my desert island ads, when I notice a gang of cannibals sitting over there, looking at me with hunger in their eyes. Quick, what do I do? Make them laugh.

Holsten Pils – Marilyn Monroe

Gold Greenlees Trott was the agency that every young creative wanted to work for. I did for seven years and it was the only agency that truly spoke the language of the streets. Comedy was nearly always at the centre of everything we wrote.

Fox Sports – Cliff Jump

Pastiche, parody and shock combined to make a laugh out loud moment. And razor sharp at the end. Biting.

Levi’s – Flat Eric

Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of funny ads, but smart, cool and proof you don’t need dialogue to be witty.

Federal Express – Fast Talk

If you have a good strong idea at the start the ad will write itself.

Volkswagen – Darth Vader

A great funny concept, but great crafting, performance and art direction make this so bloody good.

Bud Light – Swear Jar

If you invest all your time upfront at the concept stage and make sure you’re ruthless then the writing should be pain free and just flow straight out. It does here.

So I survived being eaten. They think I’m a great guy, and I’m off the menu. Very persuasive this comedy lark.


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