Ogilvy Paris’ Nicolas Lautier: my Top Tips for Cannes

Whatever you think about the Cannes Lions – and awards as a whole – it does seem to concentrate minds when you try to come up with the best ads and likely award winners (let’s call them ads for now, for simplicity if no other reason).

Illuminating too, Wieden+Kennedy’s Neil Christie unearthed a brilliant mobile ad from Japan yesterday.

Next up is Nicolas Lautier, creative director of Ogilvy Paris, one of a number of agencies in the French capital that regularly out-perform the best that New York and London can offer.

Nicolas Lautier – My Top tips for Cannes.


Call Sweden

Simple and clever PR idea.

When Obama talks about it, I think it shows it was made well.

I like the idea of having a very low tech idea: a phone number.

This is the kind of idea that is really engaging and that creates some true moments.

An idea that can live forever. The kind of idea that makes you ask yourself “Why hasn’t this been done before?”

Under Armour – Michael Phelps

It’s quite a classical piece of content: a film that talks about dedication in sport, about pushing your limits. On paper, there’s nothing new under the sun. BUT the execution is beautiful, poetic, and highlighted with a fantastic piece of music. It gives you what you expect while watching a good commercial: goosebumps.

The line adds the touch of cleverness you’re looking for in a well written commercial.

It shows that the film category is still the one that touches you the most.

The Peace Day Burger

More than a clever PR idea, I like the way it was activated.

It started with a simple letter and became a full 360 campaign involving design, activation etc…


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