Neil Christie of W+K: my Top Tips for Cannes – including a brilliant mobile ad!

To be honest, not many things immediately spring to mind as highlights from the last 12 months. And who knows what will appeal to the juries – hopefully not a load of scam case histories that have never been seen in the real world and never made any difference to a client’s business. Anyway, here are some things that I liked.

I recently heard someone describe content as ‘digital landfill.’ That’s often true, but this is a smart, funny film that uses its stars well, features the brand in a relevant way and – unlike most content – is actually worth spending five minutes watching.

Already nominated for Moreaboutads Cannes picks by Graham Fink and I concur, this is brilliant in many ways.

My favourite Superbowl ad of 2015, because it’s bonkers and unforgettable. And a bit creepy.

I don’t even know if this last one is eligible for an award category at Cannes, but it seems very fresh in the way it’s been designed specifically for the mobile format. Loads of great things in here and, even if it isn’t exactly ‘advertising’, you can bet the ideas in this are being ripped off for mobile ads all over the world right now.

CUk7ZLSXAAA9ZdI.jpg-smallNeil Christie is managing director of Wieden+Kennedy London.

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