Danonino rolls out Y&R’s global ‘Say Yes’ proposition

Danone is launching its first global campaign for kids’ brand Danonino through Y&R and it’s following in the footsteps of other brands – like Persil’s ‘Dirt is Good,’ – by empowering the little blighters. Other WPP agencies are also involved.

The campaign is called ‘Say Yes’ built around the proposition that “great journeys (through life, presumably) start with yes.” In other words, stop locking the kids up and let them roam. Straight into accident and emergency some parents would say, but there you go.

The campaign includes television, print, digital, outdoor, point-of-sale and public relations. The TV spots, directed by Karen Cunningham of La Cosa De Las Peliculas, are on air in Europe and will be rolled out to North and South America.

Danonino global marketing director Patricia Oliva says: “The objective of Danonino’s first global campaign is to spread the new brand purpose ‘to nurture kid’s autonomy for a happy tomorrow.’

“This is an exciting time for Danonino with the launch of ‘Say Yes’. All touch points of the campaign were created with the aim to support parents on their journey to encourage, nurture and teach their kids, and we look forward to seeing it go live across the globe.”

Danone was launched in France in 1967 under the name Petit Gervais aux Fruits. There’s globalisation for you. Among the new goodies is a sealable pouch that last for up to eight hours outside the fridge, a clever way of boosting yoghurt use.

What do we make of it? It hangs together – just – but such a campaign message is a big ask in thirty seconds, as here. Maybe there’ll be some longer versions.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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  1. Fantastic and powerful! In line with Danone’s long trajectory in responsible marketing, products with an impact and transforming messages. As a parent, I cannot feel untouched. As a marketer, the unmistakable DNA of Danone, crafted by Patricia Oliva, a true marketer and Danone’s old-timer, is written all over. As an expert in profitability (marketing ROI), knowing Danone moves fast in innovation, I wonder if the marvels of this message will last long enough to make it profitable…

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