WCRS makes a biggish splash for Royal Naval Reserve

The Royal Naval Reserve is looking for some more part-time sailors so agency WCRS has been pressed into service to show the excitement of part-time sailoring. Which largely seems to be getting your feet wet along with other parts. The theme of the campaign is ‘Don’t do the everyday, every day.’ Wednesday is the day our heroes get together, it seems.

Royal Navy head of marketing Paul Colley says:“‘Don’t do the everyday, every day’ just leapt off the page and captured everything we wanted from the brief we gave WCRS. The Royal Naval Reserve is not for people with spare time on their hands, but for those that want to live life to the full and want to take life’s opportunities. The team at WCRS in our opinion have got this bang on and delivered a creative execution which dramatically delivers on the question: ‘Why join the Royal Naval Reserve?’”

WCRS creative director Jules Chalkley says: “For the Royal Naval Reserve we set out to create a campaign that has a dramatic and visceral feel to it, something with real energy and emotion that connects with our target audience – a very dynamic group of people who are on a quest to push their own boundaries and live life to the full. Whilst the work builds on our Made In The Royal Navy campaign, we wanted to create a powerful identity for the RNR. ‘Don’t Do The Everyday Every Day’ is a distinctive and flexible platform that we’re really excited about developing. ”

There’s more than a nod to Wieden+Kennedy’s famous ‘Imported from Detroit’ ad for Chrysler in the opening. But it’s a proper ad, campaign even, from a proper agency.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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