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Sir Martin Sorrell on the new world according to WPP

Sir Martin Sorrell’s various pronouncements seem to amuse and engage some of you so here he is – again – speaking by video link at what seems to be a leadership conference, NOAH15 in Berlin last month.

Don’t know who was doing the slides but they may find their career development taking place in Ulan Bator. No idea who the Henry SMS keeps referring to is either, presumably a previous speaker.

It’s a sign of the energy of the man that he seems to be speaking following WPP’s AGM at which various investors bashed him over his £43m pay package. Most of us would have cleared off to the Coach and Horses (the old JWT pub, around the corner from WPP’s Farm Street HQ) for a few drinks to recover.

But this peroration – unlike, for example, his chat to Kim Kardashian in Cannes – is serious number-based stuff, about WPP’s current strategy and where he sees the world (and WPP) headed.

Not a word about creativity per se although he does say that attracting people is key to WPP’s future. The data stuff, about Xaxis and all the other companies WPP has invested in, is quite revealing.

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